Sunday, 22 January 2017

New Year New Project!!!

I am so excited to be back working in my favourite fabric range 

- the Japanese woven Taupes. And starting a new applique project.

I have loved my English Paper Piecing phase and it does still continue 
alongside the new project, as my Mrs Holder Stretched Hexie quilt is 
not yet finished but I am up to squaring off the corners - so definitely on 
the home-straight with that one.

Here is the first new block made - applique with a small touch of stitchery.
I do find it hard these days not to embellish applique with just a little stitching!

French Knots around the flower centre.

Veins on leaves with backstitch, fly stitch or chain stitch.


Just in case you were wondering what had happened to the two projects in 
last week's post. Have they been relegated to the back burners?

Well no.

The pieced one is finished and ready for Helen to machine quilt.
And the other one is ready to be machine pieced together.

I do like to have several projects on the go at the same time - in case 
you hadn't noticed!!!

I like a machine project for my mornings before heading off into work and
hand work for the evenings. I find that I cannot English Paper Piece
all evening - it is seriously not good for my hands.
So having an applique project or even a hand quilting project on the go
at the same time works well.

After all my hands and eyes have to come with until I am 100 year old!!!
So they are seriously worth looking after.

Back soon with block two and maybe Instastitch number eleven all 
embellished - it is pieced already.

Saturday, 14 January 2017

Holiday Project

This is a project that I started piecing before the end of 2016 and during 
the holidays  I was planning to get it all put together.

Well that didn't happen.Not to worry.
So here is what is done so far.

Thirty-two blocks made before the end of last year.

These little units made this year

and these - but I do need lots more of these.

Then it can all go together as planned.
This will be a new Block of the Month for you to make too.

The fabric range is called " Gratitude" designed by Jo Morton for Moda. 

It was this border fabric that got me inspired to make this particular project.
We will be offering it in two colourways to go with the two borders.
And it will be a limited number as this fabric was scarce!

Back soon with the other new project that has taken over my sewing time, 
but this is the last block for me to stitch.

Saturday, 7 January 2017

End of Year Update

Oh dear I just looked at my last Blog post and it was in September!!!!

Not sure what happened there - lost the Blog-Plot, life got in the way, whatever.

So here is an update and a promise to do better in 2017.

My "Mosaic" quilt top designed by Irene Blanck is now finished and we are 
selling it as a Block of the Month at the shop (Patchwork Passion NZ).

My Mrs Holder Stretched Hexie quilt has made steady progress.
When I last posted about it I was up to Row 19. 
I am now on the last full row around which is number 25.
Next it is up to squaring off the corners and I am really looking 
forward to this stage. 

Oh my golly - there are 144 hexies in this round.
That makes 1,820 hexies so far.

Talk about being addicted to English Paper Piecing!
In the meantime we (at work) have made this modern throw.

I hand quilted it with Sue Spargo's #8 Perle thread from her Eleganza range.
It was so nice to hand quilt with and the chunky stitches gave the throw a Modern look.
It uses mostly Cotton and Steel Cotton / Linens and is now selling as a kitset at the shop.

My Instastitch is progressing as each block is released by Sue Spargo. 
We are now waiting for block 11 which should be out any minute.
I have so enjoyed using some of my old indigo collection from Japan.


As you can probably see they still need the stitching completed. 
I have done a lot of sashiko stitching instead of some of the stitches Sue suggests.

And then there is my Pemberley from Katrina Hadjimichael's August Retreat which hasn't made much progress - Mrs Holder has to be finished before I go back to this quilt.

Back soon with my machine piecing holiday project
 and a new Block of the Month that Cindy and I have started.

Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Pemberley Quilt

My Pemberley quilt designed by Katrina Hadjimichael is making progress.
And it is feeding my hexie addiction!



More is on now.

Corner units are next.

Sunday, 11 September 2016

While We Stitch by Norma Slabbert

I traveled to Hamilton on Sunday to view the stunning exhibition by 
Norma Slabbert that is on at Artspost Gallery in Victoria Street..

Norma has called her exhibition "While We Stitch".
It contains 13 quilts all in neutral colours. 
Norma sent me this photo of the pile of fabrics that she started with.

Now you an see one reason why I liked her quilts so much - all these
came from us (Patchwork Passion NZ).

The other reason I liked them so much was the message behind them all.
As she says in her introduction: While we stitch life goes on elsewhere - in
this case with Syrian Refugees.

Below are some of the details of her work, (published with her permission) 
but do make an effort to visit - it is certainly worthwhile.

While we stitch, people face barriers.

While we stitch,  people flee with bundles of belongings.

While we stitch, people flee their homes - trudging over deserts, highways, 
byways, fields and farmlands - to find closed borders.

While we stitch, people abandon heirlooms.

While we stitch, people criss-cross countries.

While we stitch, people search for shelter.

While we stitch, somebody says, "We just want to go home - to make our 
own coffee and bake our own bread."

Such beautiful quilts and such a heart wrenching tribute to
the refugee people trying to make a better life for their families.

Congratulations Norma.

Do visit - the quilts look so much better in real life and when you can 
see them all, not just a snapshot.

In the adjoining  room is another quilt exhibition by "8 Perspectives",
 so this makes the trip even more worthwhile.

The exhibition in on until 10 October 2016.

Friday, 9 September 2016

New Saturday Breakfast Club

Our new Saturday morning Breakfast Club started today.
We are doing Sue Spargo's Instastitch with a Japanese twist.

I am making mine all from my collection of old indigo fabrics.
These are pieces I have collected mostly from flea markets in Japan.

Each piece has had a previous life as part of a futon cover (bed cover) or
a kimono or sometimes maybe both. These charm of these fabrics is their 
recycled nature and even patching.

These are the first seven of twelve blocks that Sue is designing.
Most will get more stitching added. Please ignore the white circles in the top left 
corners - they stickers with my block numbers on.

The last block has no stitching on yet as I only just finished piecing
it this afternoon.

Wednesday, 7 September 2016


I started this large medallion quilt at our three day Retreat with Katrina Hadjimichael.
I got the centrepiece prepared and partially stitched at class.

Since then I have added the vine around it.

It still has a few pins in and needs two bows added to the top and bottom.

It is certainly feeding my addiction to English paper Pieced Hexagons . . . . . . . 

 . . . . . . . . . .  and my love of applique

Back soon.